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Mass Shooting Suspect Identified San Bernardino

Syed Farook and his wife were non-traceable by the family since Wednesday morning informed Hussam Ayloush, executive director of CAIR (the Council on American Islamic Relations). Speaking to reporters Farooks’ brother Farhan Khan said he does have any idea of why he would get involved in such an act. He said that he is shocked, and last spoke to him about a week back. Moreover, ATF informed that one gun was legally bought, and it may be traced back to those who are connected with the shootout. Though, ATF did not reveal the name of the purchase.

Syed Farook was identified as the suspect in the San Bernardino shootout who works as the inspector at the health department in the county. Farook is said to have left the Inland Regional Center informed multiple law enforcement sources to CNN. The shootout started with a chase in the residence at Redlands, California with those passengers in the SUV. Though, people were not sure if the person in the SUV was the shooter or the victim. Meanwhile, it was identified that Syed Farook is a US citizen.

Fourteen people were killed at a holiday party that happened at the center for people with developmental disabilities by two gunmen and the police on Wednesday shot two suspects during a gun battle. It was not known if the shootout with the suspect was the end of the manhunt for those involved in the mass shooting. The FBI was issuing search warrants to those connected with the shooting.