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Texas Keeps A Tab On Syrian Refugees

Texas is taking stock of Syrian refugees true to its ideologies. The refugee assistance group is in crossroads with the state and federal officials having different views about helping Syrian refugees that are increasing over the holiday weekend. The fear escalated in the wake of the Paris attacks where it was suspected that one of the suspects would have taken to Europe in the disguise of Syrian refugee. Republican governors are against providing refuge to Syrian migrants until the security precautions are in place.

It is opined by legal experts that the states though cannot close the gates on the refugees they can still make matters worse by withholding the funds that are offered to the resettlement if they desire. In a letter to the resettlement groups out of Texas the state and federal officials had a different message to convey. In the letter issued to a Dallas group by the state official in Texas, it was mentioned that their contract will be under scrutiny if they do not abide by the Governor Greg Abbott call to temporarily stop resettlement of Syrian refugees in the state.

On the contrary, the Federal official letter from the Office of Refugee Resettlement in Washington sent a letter to the Texas groups stated that the state that is a recipient of federal funds cannot refuse to provide services to refugees on their origin of the nativity. The letter was signed by Robert Carey, director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement. The agency informed that all assistance will be provided for the refugees to become self-sufficient and members of the communities.