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More TV And No Exercise Can Lead To Cognitive Decline

In a study conducted by the University of California, researches came to a conclusion that watching TV over time can lead to cognitive decline over a period of time. In a sample size of 3,247 participants for a period of over 25 years asked them when they were young adults about their daily TV watching schedule. The research continued and every 2 to 5 years the amount of physical exercise they were involved in was also taken a note of. After 25 years now when the samples are over 40 years of age, three tests were taken to test their memory, mental alertness, physical speed and focus.

The results had it that people who are watched TV for a minimum of three hours with little exercise received the worse results in the speed and cognitive focus test when compared to those who exercised regularly and watched less of TV. The results of the study were published in the JAMA Psychiatry. The worst was recorded in those participants that have low physical activity and spending more time in front of the TV. The effect was drastic informs Dr. Kristine Yaffe, at UCSF who is a psychiatrist and an author.

The lack of cognitive focus is attributed to the sitting ideally. Marcus Richards of University College London, a psychologist says that absence of exercise could result in cognitive decline. Richards made it clear that the people who watch TV continuously couching are not giving any exercise to the brain that can result in a decline of cognitive skills.

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