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Bones of a child was found amidst pigs at a property in Kansas City, and a man was suspected of murdering his seven year old son informed Wyandotte County Coroner Dr. Alan Hancock. Though, Coroner’s office has not yet confirmed whether the bones found there belongs to Michael A Jones’ son. The 44 year old was known for assaulting his son. The national headlines claiming that Jones killed his son and fed to the pigs caught the attention of the nation. These claims were not clarified by the police.

Meanwhile, Hancock informed CNN that bones of a child that are yet to be identified were found in the pigs’ enclosure for several weeks now. Earlier, the police was called in on Wednesday for domestic violence involving Jones’ 29 year old wife Heather Jones. The information was given by Wyandotte County District Attorney Jerome A Gorman on Monday. While on the investigation for domestic violence police noticed that their son was not around. The following day authorities found out human remains in the pig barn.

The missing boy was referred to as “AJ” by the police. Meanwhile, the authorities have rescued six girls that are less than 11 years of age from the home. These girls were taken into police protective custody. Gorman said that child welfare services in the state and neighboring states are in contact with the family and yet the nature of the contact was not revealed by the police. Meanwhile, Gorman did not provide any information on whether any investigation was being conducted with the children.

Adding to this Gorman said that the assault was the result of the violence between Jones and Heather. Gorman also informed that detective work has to be done to reveal more information and it is only the beginning. Asking the reporters to remain patient Gorman informed that the police are working on this case without even spending time with their family for Thanksgiving Day. He informed that lot of work is to be done before charges are warranted. The information is being conducted by the local Sheriff’s department, prosecutor’s office and Kansas department for children and families informed Gorman. The bail was held at $10 million with no reduction.

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Three valiant men saved three people from a blazing car. Three men John Colbert, Bill Renfro and Joseph Duvall while driving on Gene Snyder Freeway when a speeding car crashed into the woods. The car caught fire, and the occupants of the car were grabbed out to safety. The passengers, two men, and a woman were caught in the car, and they were rescued just in time before the car exploded. The third man was rescued just in time but was on fire. Later the Highview Fire Department reached the place but by then the passengers were moved to safety.

The three men who saved the lives of the people were honored by the Civilian Award of Valor on Tuesday night. Meanwhile, the City Council member James Peden gave away the Courageous Citizen’s award to the trio. While commenting on their awards the three men said that they helped people in need and were not anticipating any award. Duvall said that their only aim was to save the people in distress and nothing else mattered at that time. Renfro said that their focus was to get the three people inside the car out before it exploded in which they succeeded.

On giving away the awards to the three brave men Chief Col. Dave Goldsmith said that he was overwhelmed to recognize the bravery of three men who helped rescue three lives. Goldsmith added that on a Sunday morning the trio were driving as usual and when they saw people in need they jumped to help them.